Adversity is a blessing in disguise



When I first got into the sales and marketing, I thought the people are nuts, because they will turn everything around and find a way to agree and then convince others on everything, no matter which way you say no.

At first I didn’t get it, my social skills were probably too low to notice and my mind did probably run the same kind of patterns too, unconsciously of course.

However, it is from this ability to see the possible in an impossible moment that gives hope and feeds the optimism. That’s exactly the idea I’ve bought from the Buddhism: seeing the positive side in all things and events that happens.

I.e. Adversities are blessings in disguise. They really are.

As I wrote in The Climb, actually adversity is just making us stronger, and letting us learn new things. They truly are blessings.

Even when something ‘bad’ happens, there is always the good side to it. Today I got a 180€ payment reminder, because apparently I hadn’t paid the bill. Actually the reason I forgot to pay it was that the company actually had remembered to reorder the bill to my netbank, but somehow it hadn’t work on the exact moment so I didn’t bother… So now I get this paper mail “by surprise”. However, now I decide to embrace the line I learned from Ajahn Brahm: may the insurance company be happy and well.

It’s works great! Letting go and seeing the positive side on everything.

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