Planting and growing great ideas


Living now, in the information age is a blessing from the learning point of view. There have been so many brilliant thinkers and ideas in before us that have already laid down some paths. There probably hasn’t been an issue in human life that hasn’t been already pondered by smarter, more experienced fellow human beings in the past.

Vast repository of knowledge remains, after these brilliant thinkers. It’s really fertile ground to be building upon.

To me personally this enlightenment about the ground covered so far has come relatively recently, only a few years ago. In fact all in all there was barely any intellectual challenging activity in my brain until in 2007 I decided to turn my life around. Since then, I’ve been on a path of conscious growth (with some minor relapses back to the darkness).

Because for me the first twenty years of my life were spent with other things, and less conscious and aware decision making, I’ve thought about really hard about how can I start learning. In fact in the recent years I’ve been spending increasing amount of time asking myself how can I adopt the great ideas to my life and make them work for me?

First I’ve noticed that there is no shortness of ideas, so therefore have to first qualify what kind of ideas I am looking for. It’s ongoing process based on current understanding of reality, thus the qualification process is also always under improvement.

Secondly once there is some kind of idea, what is a great idea I need to somehow notice it. Noticing great ideas is difficult, because human mind likes to reject everything novel. It requires a lots of conscious power and exposure to people who I think might have a glue what they are talking about. Books, audio programs and Youtube are my favorite ways to overcome the rejection and keep the repetition levels high to be able to actually notice the ideas.

Our cognitive abilities are limited. Most of us are around the average, so we need to spend a lots of time and energy to make sure we are getting exposed to new ideas that might serve our lives better in the future.

We can choose to have time and space for these new ideas to grow and flourish.

Who knows how many fruit gardens one seed of learning contains?

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