Language is the Key to Unleash Our Potential


Language we use in our life determines everything. It takes a learned and immersed person to see this and lead with the language.

Words are filled with meaning and they are powerful tools to shape action in the right hands.

Language essentially creates our perceived reality, because our consciousness is a narrative anyway, language is one of the conscious ways to influence that narrative. Therefore it is not to be underestimated.

Yet many do and this is obvious when looking for work for example. Essentially even if the work would be very similar, the company culture and use of language will differentiate these positions immediately.

It’s just an example. We can consciously choose the way we use language day to day.

We should choose more wisely.

How do you talk about yourself to yourself?

How do you talk about your work?

How do you talk about your day?

Days have tens and hundreds of opportunities to tell stories to ourselves and to others. How do you use these chances?  You should use these chances to nourish, heal and elevate.

“When words are both true and kind, they can change our world.” ~Buddha

Just by using different kind of language and finding new kinds of elevating ways to speak, we will start to find new connections. Find new ways to elevate and connect your existing knowledge with the tasks at hand, as well as to connect ourselves with the rest of the world.

Words will change our world.

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