Influencing and controlling the uncertainty*


I’ve been learning to live with uncertainty past year: I feel like I’ve gotten a way better at that. In fact I’ve gotten so good, that I do not stress out of the small things that would’ve made me lose good night’s sleep a year ago. It’s amazing how much our mental capacity to manage uncertainty can change!

Mostly I would attribute the change to just better understanding of reality, how things actually are instead of how I think things are. Before I would’ve been stressed, because I did not know better what is the nature of reality and especially people in that reality. Now I am more learned about the nature of people and on the other hand I worry way less about the future that is not yet present.

Calm in the present moment is the best we can do.

Even in the long term things, like investing I’ve found the ability to withstand uncertainty really helpful. This helps making investment decisions systematically and to stick with the consciously devised plan, instead of going here and there.

Action plans are helpful, because no matter in what kind of turmoil we are in, we have something thought out, some plan or strategy to follow. Some values to guide us.

Preparation certainly helps to deal with uncertainty, but in the end what matters is the ability to stay calm and look at the reality.

Nature of life is forward. We have to accept the reality to move forward. The more we can accept our reality, the more uncertainty we can take.

We have a lot of control over certain things in our life, focus most of your energy to that which you can decide and influence and you are in a good shape: you have sense of control over the chaotic. Our minds are perfect example of something we can influence and even control at times.



* This is a topic that I will definitely explore further, until next time.

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