Play, practice & payoff


Play is preparation for the real thing. Kids are natural learners because of play. As we grow up, we forget the natural way to tune into this superpower and we conscious and too serious about all the things.

In fact we start coming up with even more boring ways and words for learning, like practice or training. While practice is needed, practice can be play, it can be fun. In fact learning should be fun. From play we can learn also the importance of having the example in mind while we practice. Having the example in the minds’ eye furthermore boosts learning and more importantly allows us to adopt the role model from where we can operate right away.

When we are in the play mode, we are having fun, and we are trying to master the character we are roleplaying. When we are having fun, and we feel safe, we naturally take more action and effort to master the role. Quantity for the practice starts to click in place.

Natural flow. Flow does occur when the skill level and the challenge level are just right.

Conscious use of play is simple: make all the boring play instead, find role models to master and enjoy the payoffs in learning as well as other results.

Play, practice  & payoff. If that’s too much, then just remember the play part 😉

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