We have freedom to choose our reality


Since human mind has limited time and energy to process everything, we live in reality simulation aka as story. This happens both consciously and unconsciously.

In fact if we do not have a story, we will come up with one just to stay sane.

So we all have our minds full of experience, knowledge, wisdom etc. which become stories in our consciousness. Recalling memories is a creative process of combining bits of memories here and there.

Essentially when we are recalling memories our consciousness has a chance to redefine to ourselves what did it really mean?

This is because, memory is alike an editable word file. We can edit everything there and if we do not consciously do it, unconsciously we always mess up something anyway so the files get named in weird and fuzzy ways and the docs themselves start to contain all kinds of mistyped symbols and letters, paragraphs get messed up and all kinds of weird page breaks and formatting starts to appear over time.

So, with this, if we have the conscious choice to have more compassion, openness, forgiveness and all the good stuff in our lives, why not to choose it?

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