Internalize the excellence of examples


We set our standards based on what we observe around us.

It is a pitfall to let the peers around us decide our standards, so it’s better to take the effort into own hands and look for excellent examples to start observe and let their set the standards.

Those excellent examples do not have to in your life or near you to be able to affect. As long as you remember the example and the lesson, that the example contains.

Seek examples that you admire, from both the everyday environment and from much further, famous people and from the pages of the books and leaves of history.

Personally I’ve many far-fetched examples such as Mahatma Gandhi, Victor Frankl, Nikola Tesla and Elon Musk. Each example shows path in their own way. Gandhi I admire for courage and wisdom. Victor Frankl for his perseverance. Nikola Tesla I’ve studied for his spectacular commitment and life habits. Elon Musk for his working habits.

But then again there are also more down to earth examples, I think anyone can be a good example in something. Just have to notice that something, and that requires observation skills.

From these observations and insights internalize the standard for your life. By choosing what to do and what not to do you start creating the new reality.

The new reality is based on something totally different than your peers in the present, on different levels and standards. Although your peers might have high standards as well, and you can learn a lot from them to get to the high standards.

Internalize the excellence, and leave behind the mediocrity and weakness.

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