Time, urgency and prioritization


We have too little time, so the question is when we have time? We never do.

Life is an urgency to accomplish the impossible.

Time is the dimension where all the intentions happen. If we do not know when, it’s not going to happen. This was key take away from today’s coaching by Jari Sarasvuo and thank you for that.

Everyone knows this intuitively that things won’t happen without when.

First question that should pop in our minds after the promise is “when?”

“When” makes all the difference. Why don’t you do the thing you have promised? When are you going to do it?

What is it you really want to do, and why you haven’t achieved it yet?

What would be the next step to achieve it?

Why don’t you do it now?


We always have the time for the most important.

I love the Game of Go, because there you have only as many moves as your opponent. Evenly matched opponents have to push themselves beyond their abilities, to grow while playing in order to gain advantage. The prioritizing rule I learned from the game, that I apply to life goes like this: play the critical moves first, then the big ones and last the small ones.

What are your critical moves in life? Do those right away.

What are your big moves? Plan and execute those asap.

Leave the small moves for last.

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