Doing hard things


Tiring morning, can be excuse for many things. From yesterday’s Ajahn Brahn session however I remember one thought: Is the work really hard, or is thinking about it really hard?

Then my thoughts connect back to the Friday, where one of our top consultants had the opportunity to share some insights about the importance of our work and beliefs that might be hindering us there. Antti Kiukas said it well: there is no difficult field of business (in Finland).

And that’s true, it’s the same thing. It’s all in our head.

This connects the two powerful thoughts to even more powerful words by Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”


Well is it really that hard? No. I.e. in my work most difficult things do not require any superpowers, they mostly require the ability to talk and that is what we learn at a very young age, like start to learn around one year of age. It’s totally not about being able to talk.

It’s the beliefs about everything and anything that makes it hard. Thinking about doing it is hard.

Doing is not hard.

Ajahn Brahn suggests the same solutions as Nike “just do it.”

I decided to apply this today I noticed that the resistance of beliefs was preventing myself from action today. I did notice, it’s not that hard. Doing one action at the time is certainly a very human feat.

Do hard things one action at a time.

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