Accept the truth, be happy about it and fear cannot exist


I believe in growing rich mentally. When I read the Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, something clicked big time in my head: finally the personal growth and the financial freedom ideas were connected. Especially the finance side of life I had shunned over personal growth, that book connected the both for me about a month ago.

Today one more set of thoughts was connected. As today is Saturday, I woke up after a busy week and start to meditate and listen to myself. I do notice some disturbances, so I’ll start to write down those thoughts as well… I list a few thoughts that are running in my head, and then start to replace them with words that I would rather hear.

When there is a thought about, not affording something… I try to look at it in a more truthful way, of course I can, there just must be more clever ways to finance for it and the big goals I’ve for my future. This thinking “how I can afford it” and challenging my thinking is one of the big things I’ve started applying rigorously after reading the Rich Dad Poor Dad.

However, as I begin to listen, write down it’s clear that the roots of these thoughts were in the disappointment few days ago with the truth. Where expectations of the pay day did not meet reality, so I must’ve observed something wrong then.

What I decide to do is to embrace the truth anyway. It felt so good that I decided to go about it even further and go through all this years expenses at once. Again this made me feel better. Accepting the reality is freeing so much energy and worry. This is where I am now, and this is the truth and I can drop the burdens of unrealistic expectations and even worry.

Instead of telling myself some stories, and creating unnecessary expectations, I decided ground my expectations now with the truth. And I recommend that to anyone. This works especially well with the age of debit/credit cards and online bank statements which hold easy to access records.

Since there is the truth and that’s acceptable, it leaves the fear and worry behind and creates space for joy. Ajahn Brahn says it so well: Fear and joy cannot exist at the same time, so just be happy!

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