Incremental improvement with RPG analogy

Personally I’ve had little time for video games recently. However about two years ago, I played this game called Divinity Original Sin, which was kick start funded role playing game that delivered role playing game with old-school elements combined with a modern twist. I loved the game.

Now it has been two years since I played that game and it just happened to be that the first act of Divinity Original Sin II was released in early access. It’s one the only game I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, so I decided to go ahead and use the few hours I’ve had off this weekend to enjoy the game.

Actually first getting into the game was difficult and took some orientation. I did not enjoy it at first when I tried it yesterday. Today then I decided to give it another shot and I did indeed find myself in a flow.

Now as I reflect the game experience and compare it to the way I experience life, I noticed a pattern.

In the game the pattern goes like this: find a way forward, little by little power up, defeat powerful enemies, get stronger and repeat.

The game gets really exciting when you’ll defeat the powerful enemies and become therefore more powerful yourself as well through the experience and items gained. Then it’s time to look for new challenges, new way forward.

Sometimes the challenge is so difficult you cannot yet win it. In these cases you need to incrementally improve, find a bit better weapon, armor or perhaps some potion to aid in the battle… In the incremental improvement stage it’s good to invest for the future, money does not help unless it’s serving to you get ahead.

I was thinking why I haven’t thought life this way as well? Incremental improvements and investments for the for better future lead to huge levels ups after clearing challenges.

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