Master the important, ignore the rest

Busy does not equal productive. It does require iron focus to keep gravitating towards the most important work, despite everything else that comes to the way.

Great general is willingly a foot soldier.

Ask yourself what is the most important part of your work?

Do you do it gladly? Before I started working in telemarketing, I almost hated the idea of talking to phone. I decided to give it a shot thought, as a part of my personal development. Soon I found myself in a company culture that is brilliant. I learned that I can learn and improve, and most importantly use my own natural strengths.

After I discovered that’s its’ okay to be myself fully and use that to the completion of my work, work has become a way of self-expression as well. I enjoy my work and most importantly continue to learn and grow every day.

I shall sharpen the focus every day, to remember the most important part of my work. I don’t want to lose that focus. I know awfully well how easy it is to lose the focus: it’s easy, and at first so enticing as well.

Do not give in to the enticement. Focus to the most important and urgent stuff then do the important stuff and ignore the rest. Life is too short for the rest.

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