Do things that help you to do the important things

I find it observing and reflection enjoyable, because much of my insights come through these simple processes.

As an example I could use my writing process. I find it difficult to start writing for my blog, if I have just my journal open. However, right after I create a new blank document to write the blog, I start to feel the focus and urge to write. So what do I do? Every day I’ll start writing by creating a new document, because this alone nudges me to the right direction.

Do you know what’s good for you?

Jari Sarasvuo is still serving people every Monday on radio, in his monologue. From this week’s episode it occurred to me that people do usually have good or even great advise to give the close people in trouble. What we don’t do is to follow or listen our own advise.

So I’ve to start considering, what are some of the actions I am reluctant to do that are beneficial to me? Especially from fitness department I know there are many actions I’ve not been willing to take, even though it would be very good for me. With asking these correct questions and seeing that I am really avoiding some areas of action that are beneficial to me.

Sometimes we are also using our “seems to be action” as an excuse for real action, that brings results. I see this all the time in my own tendency. Therefore I decided to stop and ask, what is it I can do to improve the odds of succeeding in the most important action?

Any action that would be beneficial to you, that you are avoiding? Think about it.

Sometimes own medicine is the best medicine.

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