Ever since I read the book Rich Dad and Poor Dad, I’ve been reading and hearing about this Cashflow Game of Robert Kiyosaki. I’ve had quite big prejudice against that game, for I thought that I did not need such a game and on the other hand I felt like that I am above such a thing, so therefore it cannot be any help to me. I had no desire to try this.

Today as I happened to be filling the information for the upcoming coaching session and otherwise go through all the materials in the website, I also happen to notice this Cashflow game. I happen to have a moment to kill so I decide to give it a spin. Soon I notice that I am unable to stop rolling the virtual dice, I want to escape the rat race that is in the game. Then soon my mind got blown as I finally understood that once I escaped the rat race, life has  become pretty nice: there are no longer paydays to look up to, but cashflow days. Most of the activity that is left to do is just about decision to buy more assets. Life is good… Oh game is good!

Oh and I am running late, as I agreed to meet a friend – time just flew by.

Later on today I’ve played a few more times this game online and it’s just so right that the hard part in the life is to beat this rat race. This game however already prepares us to do this and in a sense it’s a quick and brilliant way to educate people to do better financial decisions in their lives

I am really glad I tried it, because now I understand that I need to start looking those small opportunities first to build and acquire assets that generate more money and some day to escape this rat race and focus more meaningful pursuits. Cash can be awesome vehicle to get there.

Despite my initial prejudice and in general the lack of belief against educational games, I’ve to take my word back. Or very at least say that this game provides kind of safe environment where it can further spark the interest to study more!


P.S I’m just a coaching program member of the Rich Dad, but I’ve no other affiliation with Robert Kiyosaki or the business.  



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