What remains…?



What remains after your income?  This morning I was thinking about income, and I remember the thought that it does not really matter how much you earn, but rather what remains after the expenditures (and especially how you use the rest).

What remains after life? Now after a long day I am thinking a bit from the other angle: what remains of us after the death? I do not know if there is any existence outside our physical being, but I know that if there is it has to do something with collective consciousness. Therefore, if there is anything that we can have after this life, its only these thoughts and the karma we’ve.

What remains after each day? What you’ve done. This question is a good reason for me to at least write my journal, publish an article, help someone and care about someone.

What remains after me in the toilet? Clean toilet. This one is ridiculous in work places, people think they can shit all over the place just because they are working there and that it’s not their responsibility to clean their shit and other mess they make. If you run like this, do not complain that the shit follows you everywhere.

What remains after reading this? Awareness to take wiser and kinder action.

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