What’s the cure, when you do not get the wanted results?


Suddenly I realized, that often the cure the leadership offers to the problems at hand is to work harder and do more.

Hard work does bring results, I’ll sign that belief for sure.

Now I want to consider for a moment: are there any other ways to go about this? What kind of action would bring the results? What are the conditions under which the results would fall in place? Is there anything we can do to improve the odds of results today to have them tomorrow?

Right kind of action will bring the results in time, so consistency is important. However, even more important is to identify right action, without knowing if this is a right action we might be just as well wasting our precious energy.

So same answer does not apply every time. When you do not know if it’s the right action, you should find the answer first, work to answer that first or very at least ask different questions like, what are alternative ways to get results?

It may just as well be worth it to get some extra rest today. It won’t be getting the results you need today, but it just might tomorrow. Be in it for the long game.

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