Lessons about love and intrinsic motivation

A long time, I’ve been perhaps trying to unnecessarily encourage my love to show some interest in the vast knowledge in books and in vain. Only when she is really interested in something in her own terms she does something about it.

This is the interesting question about inborn motivation… I am interested in the interconnectedness of things, and she sees world in more learn as you go basis.

It’s sometimes difficult to let people you love to follow their own interests and curiosities, yet that’s the only way.

Because in fact, how can anyone else even know better? We cannot.

I’ve found it best to just read as much as I like and keep the knowledge mostly to myself and other people who are interested in that until there comes the question… And then I need to be able to explain a very complicated thing worth many books in a simple way. To be able to do that is the learning challenge always, when you are able to teach it in simple terms, you know your stuff.

So in this sense I do not need to make my girlfriend interested in books, I just need to learn them better in order to be able to explain those ideas and concepts in so simple terms that she can understand and apply them when she asks for it. That should keep me busy for a while 😉

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