People are feedback fragile

Behind all the feedback giving models like the sandwich, there must be some serious study behind that. And that study should show that we all have a breaking point in our ability to receive feedback. I hope.

Because today the constructive feedback hit just the spot and, although very constructive and simple, I realized I too am feedback fragile. I would say most of the people are, I mean who complains about receiving too much good feedback?

We all long to be recognized, yet there is few people congratulating us for doing the small things we do everyday right.

Thanks and great job for reading so far.

I’m trying to prime my mind to praise and thank for the little things. Any time other people are working to make something work for me and manage to do it, they are doing a good job whatever they are getting paid or not. We are just humans and the interactions are humans. Money is illusionary concept, so the only right way to treat a human is to appreciate the work they are doing. Small thanks or words of praise rarely hurt anybody, in fact it can be the light of their day and giving that, does is not out of your pocket.

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