Alternative to the bad group decision making


Most groups make bad decisions together. But I am not intending to write about democracy today, but instead about the decision making with other people in daily lives.

Tom Rath talked about the anchoring effect in Eat Move Sleep, when group of people are eating out. First people set the example.

People like cognitive ease and the safety of the numbers, so they will gladly just breeze through life with the decisions that are made by the chaotic random dynamics of the group.

Just because majority of people make bad decisions, does not mean that you have to make them as well.

If you think you could’ve decided better, then you certainly have it in you. It’s not that hard, break the automatic response and do it.

What I find difficult is to stay away from the negative side of this groupthink without scrutinizing the group relations. It requires tactfulness, wit, humour and above all courage. Once we decide to do something smarter than the group was suggesting, it is often times that many people in the groupthink mode change their minds as well. It’s because people rather conform than act courageously.

When you’ve have a great idea, act courageously and present the idea tactfully through your wit and humor.


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