Build resilient habits to reach goals



We go about our lives, until something shakes our reality. I caught a flu and now that I’ve had the weekend to rest, I also notice that it greatly shocked my favorite pastime: reading, because most of the time I am unable to think clearly. Now I came up with the great idea of audiobooks, too bad just that I do not have many at hand at the moment.

I was already thinking that for today I am probably unable to produce anything of value, which is right. However, then as I’ve been resting most of the day, now I get a sudden urge to write despite everything. I guess writing has become a habit in that sense, because I seem to enjoy the process of writing more and more. Sometimes the results are better than others, but certainly without the love for the process, we won’t be able to produce steadily, and without steady production curve, there won’t be much room to improve the direction and thus overall quality as well.

Our most important habits should be so resilient that minor or even greater outside factors won’t take them away from us.

How to build such resiliency?

By keeping your eyes on the goal, and also having a network of support around you, who understands these goals.

As an example I’ve set two goals for life, to have a good karma and financial responsibility (read: freedom). At the moment I am trying to introduce such habits that will support these goals, and a big part of it is learning financial literacy and about investing. I recognized that although I’ve started on this path and taking action each day, some serious committing, guidance and wisdom would be in place, so I signed up for coaching program. I hope this kind of supportive outside energy will help me be focused in my goals.

Also your enemies or poor influences can act as negative example, which might further give you temporary boosts to work harder towards your goals, through the tiny bits of habits each day.

Make the most important habits as part of your nature, because they’ll carry you towards the goals.

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