Quality input leads to quality output


You want to have more quality ideas, actions or thoughts? First check your input, what is it?

After you’ve fixed the input, it’s rather easy to start applying to wisdom: discuss and write about it. Habits of recollection are amazing: they’ll make you remember what you learned again, some of which you’ve already forgotten. This is a mental exercise, when repeated enough many times, you’ll become more adept in remembering things and creating the kind of memory rules that serve your interests.

After you are repeating the wisdom of humankind like a parrot, then you are constantly reminding yourself of these ideas. Now just make yourself accountable of acting upon your wisdom and you will be very well off.

Most likely, don’t take my word on it 😀

However there is genius in using the social accountability to reach your own goals. Most of us are not at all aware of what kind of wisdom there is out there, like I said it’s the knowledge of humankind so far in books. We can learn a lot from them and through putting ourselves through the process our output will be wiser as well.

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