Work for the greater purpose


Work for the greater purpose and split it into what you are going to do about it today. Then split the what you are going to do today into a chunks of work that can be accomplished at times and then just do it.

This is the wisdom that I’ve been applying myself to in the recent days and it does feel like magic. I’ve been in a flow thanks to that these have been some of my most productive days in my life.

Every morning it’s good to get reminded of the bigger purpose, the big why we are working. Most of our why’s are not big enough, the why needs to connect all the way to our core values and beliefs what should be done and what is possible.

A collegue of mine once said “others are hauling stones, others building the church of Isaac.”

That’s pretty accurate statement about our purpose. However clear the purpose is, each morning and day we need to remember that in order to be moving and doing.

Yet as I said, at the same time we require small victories, small proofs for the fact that our great purpose is working out. That’s why making the works chunks of i.e. 90 minutes and slicing the daily goal into the chunk goals and just focusing to accomplish those.

That’s how big projects such as life purpose are handled!


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