Kind sales


Sales. One word can make people to vomit. If you are one of them, you seriously need an upgrade for the definition of sales.

“Selling is talking someone into something that leaves them better off as a result.” – Daniel Pink

We all are in the sales, we all sell each other stories and ideas. Best salespeople are salespeople who are viewed as people instead of salespeople. It’s an art form few master.

So when we are thinking of the sales that makes us puke, we are just thinking of the annoying, pushy kind of sales, which is indeed sales in a red cloth. However, sales can be wearing any kinds of clothes and therefore even we are salespeople in something. We all sell, we all buy.

“People don’t like to be sold-but they love to buy.” – Jeffrey Gitomer

Kindness is a surprising way to make more sales and making the whole sales process more pleasant. Let’s be kinder.



Further sources

To Sell is Human, Daniel Pink

Influence by Robert Ciadini

How to Keep Giving Without Reward by Ajahn Brahm 

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