Breaking the familiar patterns


Today has been significant day, because it’s the day that marks the start of five month separation for me and my girlfriend. Going long distance has it’s ups and downs, although mostly should focus to the ups and take most out of the chance.

For me taking the most out means just challenging myself in discipline and work wise. Now I’ve time and space to immerse myself into the work and study for this short while of five months. Priorities haven’t changed just the intensity has.

When just being by myself the routines can be changed and altered rapidly. I notice this as I came home with groceries and start cooking light meal right away: why not do 30 push-ups while waiting for water to boil? So I did.

Actually nothing would prevent me to fill the extra space with exercise otherwise either. Yet it has been somehow that those familiar patterns dominate our lives. Now that I’ve a lots of time and energy mostly for myself… It’s an opportunity to break out lots of familiar patterns and create right away more positive ones.

What kind of patterns you are running in your life? What could you replace that pattern with?

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