Work to create mental assets for yourself


Our intellectual capital is our greatest asset, however it’s easy to underestimate with how little effort our knowledge becomes an asset. Gifted people who, most of us are not learn really quickly and effortlessly. For the rest of us our learning depends on the skills and tools we’ve so far discovered and are about to discover through studying and learning.

Learning and study has been deep enough when you can recall the tool at will i.e. at lowest level example there is the multiplication table, most of us easily learn the up until 10 the chart, but what about beyond that? There are people who choose to learn it until 100 and it becomes an asset in whatever they do, giving them edge when dealing with people who do not have this ability.

This kind of acquired knowledge is essentially the suggestion that Robert Kiyosaki in Rich Dad Poor Dad advises to do. Four skills he lists are accounting, understanding how markets work, law and taxation. These skills are in the core, they are further multiplied by other skills such as sales, leadership, marketing, pr and marketing.

Knowledge is essentially right knowledge. I.e. you must learn to differentiate for yourself what is the difference between market economy and capitalism? Language is the power of leaders that can even shape culture, study it.

Few of us have real valuable mental assets after going through our educational system, so we have to start creating them from where ever we are.

Mental assets can be born and realized from surprising actions repeated enough many times. Many sales people for example develop the knowledge of companies they are visiting in and then are able to further turn this knowledge into an asset to serve themselves and others as well.

Understand the advantage of knowing something by heart, it makes your thinking quicker and gives you edge that other people do not have. In time you will find niches’ to fill and expand and enjoy the fruits of labor.

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