Relaxation begins with detachment


This weekend we spent on island cottage. I think the boat ride makes all the difference in a spiritual sense: when taking only the essentials with and leaving everything allows deep relaxation to begin.

In the book The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz present some powerful ideas about positive, energy replenishing rituals we could build in our lives.

Reflecting the both experiences with island cottage life and the ideas in presented in the book, I think the actual sacrifice and ‘journey to the cottage’ should be in that sense made every time we intend to switch gears from the working mode into the relaxation and recovery mode to allow deeper recovery.

This makes me think, sometimes the duration does not matter as much as the intensity of the experience.

Even short vacations, where a lot of the unessential have been left out both physically and spiritually, can allow tremendous recovery. Healthy boundaries for work are necessary when we need rest, we need to drop down all our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical baggage when we are resting. One ritual, that Ajahn Brahn suggests is to literally pick up a stick and write worries there and then symbolically throw it away, we are literally carrying all this kind of baggage with us and we need rituals to deal with them.

There must be a lots of baggage we can always leave at each doorstep we arrive, that is draining our energy?

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