Change is the worship of the habits and remembering the goal


Yesterday I had again opportunity participate in the coaching by Jari Sarasvuo and once again he slammed some doors of learning open for me and many others. Now the topic was change and leading that change.

Immediately it dawns upon us, we do not have much power to ‘lead the change.’ Change requires tremendous amounts of sustained energy from outside, just like in physics, so in human systems.

Human nature remains rather constant with its adaptations around the changes of the world. Some of us always are reluctant to change while others open, we always seem to find the rather familiar ways to operate automatically and effortlessly.

Jari said that there are only few truly transformative moments in our lives, adolescence, independence and perhaps a life changing illness or that sort of thing.

We become the collection of our habits. I think there are many levels of habits and in the core are those that make a great difference along with our attitudes and beliefs. It’s for example habits such as gratefulness, kindness, or frugality.

These core habits play a bigger role in overall happiness of our lives. Changing these core habits can be a real challenge, because often times we do not see our own core habits, they are so natural, automatic and invisible part of our daily lives. If we could observe ourselves from further, we would notice tremendous effects on our actions to the environment.

I see the core habits a choice, as much as love is a choice, according to Scott Peck, author of Road Less Traveled. In the  Og Mandino’s Greatest Salesman in the first chapters presents the idea for us to surrender and become the slave of our good habits. That’s what’s described as a responsible adult life.

Jari gave us a simple, yet effective habit that allows tackle literally any grand goal. It’s simply to write down your goal every morning and also answer to the question: what am I gonna do for it?

This is what I am gonna do: identify the great habits to become slave to, find the big goal and then work every day to achieve it.

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