Power of questions in change and leadership


I’ve not considered myself very good at asking questions in the past, that is until I started practicing the skill. Now I gotta admit my identity has changed, I think I do ask a lots of questions.

Questions and questioning methods such as Socratic methods are really powerful, at best tools of leadership for ourselves and others. Through questions we can discover the limitations in both ourselves and others. With right intention, questions become a great tool for growth for everyone.

I studied in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, where they use this teaching method called inquiry learning. Essentially the students are taught to learn to ask questions and then seek the information and answers by themselves. I gradually started to learn the value of asking questions here, and also ask myself am I asking the right question? This applies whatever it’s a research or life itself, we need to push ourselves to ask the right questions as well.

Few days ago as I read the Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I understood that the questions are also important guides for our personal growth. Instead of submitting to all our internal dialogue, with right questions we can guide ourselves for greater growth through questions like “how can I do that”, “what’s required.” These questions put our minds to work.

In the same way we should put ourselves to work for the goals that are important to us, we should put others to work for our common goals through insightful questions.

Probably two most important questions to ask yourself each day are:

What you want to do in life?

What are you going to do for it today?



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