Learn the rich mindset


Today my mind has been stretched by the Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad – book. It’s precisely the right book for the right moment.

In the book, the Rich Dad taught mentality of the richness, which really resonates with me. There are parts of our emotional lives that we can observe, and once we are aware we can also begin to control it through our breathing.

Essentially rich mentality in this context means being mindful of your mental state, not let you be controlled by your emotions and feelings on a whim, instead use your mind for the good, to find opportunities to flourish. In short rich mindset is creative and in control.

To have a rich mindset, you need to practice your mind and your brain, you need to challenge it and stretch your thinking.

I was thinking like ‘yeah, well that’s what I’ve been doing’ until I read a bit further… and I realized haven’t been challenging myself enough with the things I desire. Risk aversion has been built really deep into our brains, which is why most of us do not notice these patterns of fear running inside our heads.

Each day my ego tries to convince me of my grandiosity, even though there is no evidence to support this claim and it’s always a struggle to find the humility, which is required to really grow.

A thing I have not noticed myself before, although people around me have probably noticed it is that I haven’t set myself any ambitious financial goals.

At some point I even tried to not desire anything, because I thought that was bad or against Buddhist philosophy or something. That’s quite misunderstanding on my part. Because positive desire, desire for good is really central in Buddhism too, I was really shocked to learn that and even now I’ve hard time naming these positive desires.

Fairly recently I’ve recognized one, the desire to grow more in all ways, power, spirituality, love and wisdom. I feel like if I could do that, then I could do more good, so that’s a positive desire in fact.

Even though I’ve recognized this, I’ve had very little stretch goals. I haven’t dared to want something that I’ve felt is a bit out of my reach, even though for the growth this would be essential. And I think that’s one key thing that Rich Dad teaches in the book as well, to think “how I can do that?” –instead of just giving up, like I’ve done before.

Now is time for change, it’s time to set some stretch goals and while I am at it, why not to share it transparently with the whole internet so at least I’ll be accountable right away?

I’ve been long thinking about becoming entrepreneur. That’s quite okay, but still very bad idea. Now I’ve much better understanding for example what Eric Edmeades was saying a few years back in the Business Freedom Workshop I attended: become a business owner.

Now I require from myself a way to build or acquire assets instead of continuing ‘slave away.’  Partly I’ve started this, but like I mentioned, there is still way to go!

In the book is also mentioned that jobs are short term solutions, which is okay, however in the long term we need to start doing something differently and the way to do that is to build and acquire assets.

Or then just understand human mind a whole lot better and become a monk or nun. I’ve been also watching Ajahn Brahn’s awesome videos on Youtube these day’s and those stories he tells exemplifies very well that how much we have conscious power we have to make our lives better without getting more something first.

To start building assets does not require any money at all. Money is just an illusion, which cannot be eaten or at least the nutritional value especially in coins is low and fiber rate with bills quite high.

So where I am now at is to realize that to start building more assets, I need to start stretching my mind by setting some kind of stretch goals as well. Doing all this alone would be difficult and that’s why I started to look to form a mastermind group immediately.

The of mastermind group idea has been running in the back of my mind for 9 years now, since I read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. However never before haven’t had the kind of sharp vision and proposal what to do so it has been stuck in there. Now feel like in an instant this vision has sharpened to an incredibly degree and right away I was able to send a proposal to my oldest brother about this. I feel like out of the people I know he would be good to start with, if he is still willing to work and stretch his mind. If he declines, I’ve to find someone else, but for one Sunday afternoon I’ve felt that this is a running start.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

To stretch our thinking together, two minds are greater than one and also through group there is also the aspect of accountability too. The idea is the same time as in anywhere, in order to do new things, build commitments so its’ harder to fall back to the old patterns until the new one is established. In this case of ‘Mind stretching to build and acquire assets’ it would mean actual work towards the goal.

Even if you cannot manage to form a mastermind group around the topic, you can still benefit greatly from peer feedback. This is what I’ve started to do recently in my blog, after confronted with scientific proof in the book the Originals by Adam Grant, that best creative feedback does come indeed from peers. So since, I started to feel comfortable with my identity as someone who writes every day I decided the next logical step would be to improve the quality and to do that I need some direction. So then I joined all the writers groups I could find on internet (most helpful one has been in Facebook).

Essentially it all boils down to learning the rich mindset. The thing that makes all difference is that rich mindset is not afraid of mental effort and by forming the mastermind group of people like that, that advantaged and human potential will be pushed to its limits.




Thanks PublicDomainPictures @Pixabay for the picture!

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