What do sober people do on weekends?


My dear colleague at work was wondering this at the end of Friday, so thanks Miro for the inspiration! We didn’t have a moment to further explore the possibilities and I guess that’s good because written format will serve many others, in the same situation as my colleague: if you stop drinking alcohol, to save money, health or whatever reason what can you do on when the weekend comes?

For this I would recommend a little bit of introspection. Most of the enjoyable activities, whatever it’s expensive or not revolve around core elements called people or the lack of people. These are totally personal preferences, so here are some questions to recognize what kind of preferences you have:

  • Do you enjoy being around people? Many or just one at the time?
  • If yes, would you rather meet new people or deepen the already existing relationships?
  • Do you prefer structured program or go by whim?
  • What about actually socializing, would you rather talk or listen?
  • What kind of people you find currently interesting? Think big here, what are some of the most interesting and admirable people you know that already do have something you desire?
  • What do they do?

Honestly the list of questions can be expanded endlessly. However, the point of these questions is to recognize the core enjoyment you get when you are most in your own zone of happiness, good mood and flow. You do not require external things like money, alcohol or any other drugs either. They may temporarily help, however in the long term human brain can produce its’ own ecstatic moments and feelings without the help.

Most importantly: what are the fun experiences you want to experience in life? Why? Why? Why?

For me, fun is being well rested my mind sharpened and ready to work, actually there is no separation of work and free time, because I am really passionate about the creative efforts I am taking.  Creating in this passionate mode does not feel like work at all, I do not know how it seems to an observer?

Anyway, for each day I’ve a set ‘creative slot’ in which I’ve to deliver so that’s why it’s hard for me to socialize before that is done. This further enhances my introverted tendency, however I want to create, it makes me happy and it’s fun for me. Once the creation is over there are plenty of other stuff always to do and there seems never be enough time to do everything:

  • Close family and friends
  • Cooking & eating & exploring new tastes
  • Traveling and exploring i.e. different countries, continents or just the local areas
  • Passive stuff like reading books, playing games
  • Connecting to new interesting people and deepening the acquaintances
  • Activities like biking, floating around the orbit or climbing to Kilimanjaro (you know bucket list stuff…)
  • More creative stuff that I don’t do so regularly
  • Meditating

Yeah well, days are never enough once you discover what makes you tick and you’ll always have the money for it. A great further reading I would recommend is Level Up Your Life: How to Unlock Adventure and Happiness by Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story, a bit nerdy book, but so am! In the book Steve Kamb makes a really good statement and shows example that living a dream life is possible for anyone.

So my advice is simply introspect, find out what is it you truly enjoy and break it down to the core components that can be omnipresent in your life.

Have a great weekend!


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