Self-expression is life purpose


Before, I contemplated that looks could be helpful for success. Now a different angle came to my mind: our whole being is self-expression via various mediums.

Some people choose to express themselves through their bodies, others through their digital selves and some have mastered others (i.e. media or family) to do their bidding.

One simple way to look self-expression is indeed through our look. Most people actually do care and maintain some kind of image.

I’ve never felt strong urge to do piercings, tattoos or even whacky haircuts. Even at times when that urge comes, it usually passes really quickly. To me this means attunement and appreciation of the natural beauty as well as the naturalistic and Buddhist values. However, this lack of bodily expression is often misunderstood as naïveté and inexperience. I give that it does lack street credibility; however we cannot have everything, can we?

In fashion I am a bit more expressive as I like to use colors depending on the mood, especially warm and calm colors are to my liking. I’ve just a few sets of clothes that I actively wear for each season, that also saves some energy during day to day, not having to figure out what to wear too much. Also for my work, I wear business, which I couldn’t have believed to be doing few years back. Maybe in the future I will be wearing suits to work and robes on my free time, because I feel like robes are so cool. Monks wear them and Jedi wear them!

There is more though, this is just the looks part, what we decide regardless. Most adults do these decisions consciously, what to wear, comb the hair or not? We have chosen what we do and do not do.

However, in addition to the actual being in the real world, there is also those other self like I mentioned: the image that we create of ourselves and also that image what others create of us.

What is the self-expression potential here? They are huge. We can paint and associate our name with that. We can become famous for music or athletic triumph story. All this becomes linked to our physical look, so that is what it is for the most parts and for the rest it’s what we’ve consciously chosen. However there is one resource that we have control over and it is present moment. We can choose what to do with our time and how to use that time.

For athlete it might be to train for the Olympics. For a singer to train that art of singing. For me it’s writing until I find a better way to express myself. What matters here is that that creative self-expression through the medium which feel is right. Because that medium can be and will be scaled.

For sure, others will talk about this later and media will certainly say whatever they want. We shouldn’t foucs too much to that, but more to what we can do in the present moment. Life is about self-expression after all!

Expressing happens in the present and for a lifetime. Discover the best way to express yourself each moment, that is the purpose of life!


Image credits to Greyerbaby @Pixabay, thank you!

4 thoughts on “Self-expression is life purpose

  1. Robes are so underrated!! I really vibed with this post; we’re always living out our purpose even as you read this (or I write it). It’s a rather deep concept. Good work.

    Liked by 1 person

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