Natural way to live, life without caffeine


On the other day lunch during lunch I noticed that the topics that of discussion like snuff, smoking and caffeine, are past to me. Even drinking tea I stopped on January and I haven’t been missing that regular habit either. It hasn’t made my life any worse.

Then I got asked, what are my vices? There all of us were satisfied with the brief statement that for example these all are my past as well.

The road here has been mostly just following my intuition and experimentation of different lifestyles. I’ve had some idea what would be benefits, but then again it would be hard to compare. I would however summarize that the feeling overall in caffeine free lifestyle is more conscious and clear, where as with caffeine you are momentarily hyper focused and hyper energized. There are costs and advantages to each of these.

Caffeine Informer has well researched article about quitting caffeine, which you should read if you are interested. 

For me, hardest part living without caffeine is so called 8 hour or longer day at the office. During morning it’s actually simplifying: no need for morning tea or coffee or anything. On most mornings I am very clearheaded and energized. The thing with energy level is that they rarely remain the same, there is oscillation in play. So, I need to take that oscillation into account when planning workdays and tasks.

For rejuvenating energy levels there is also hidden mechanism in our bodies, that we often forget when we consider quick alternatives, and it’s called sleep in the form of nap.

Considering taking a power nap of 15 – 20 minute may take half hour of your day with a brief relaxation and orientation back to work, it’s quite a quick and healthy boost for the whole day. 

I am quite a habitual napper and the feeling after a short nap is always so refreshing. Very good return for the time, invested I feel. Napoleon, Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison have been also famous for afternoon naps.

Depending on the culture you live in, napping can be either natural or viewed a bit as negative or even lazy. In Finnish working culture I am living in, it’s certainly not in this culture and therefore it’s shunned with ignorance of not knowing better.

Thankfully, due to knowledge work and its requirements, people are starting to understand better how does humans actually function. Science rebuts the stigmas around napping, so it’s time to enlighten each other and enjoy the natural alternative to the caffeine one!


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