Bond of love and growth


Yesterday I wrote about importance of positive experience for our own health, growth and sense of life purpose. The mentality that allows invest in ourselves is beginning the capacity to love.

We are not talking now about the romantic infatuation phase which is sometimes understood as love

Let’s use the definition of Scott M. Peck, the author of Road Less Traveled, defines love as an action or activity. The love he talks about is a conscious choice to love and make effort for the future of that relationship.

When we invest in ourselves through positive experiences, we are growing, reinforcing and strengthening ourselves, essentially we are becoming source of strength like Peck also in his book suggests.

Peck writes “In the case of genuine love the aim is always spiritual growth.”

First naturally our focus needs to be our own growth, and when we are strong enough we should extend our love for others growth.

According to Peck greatest enemy is the laziness taken to the extreme in both love and growth.

The cure against laziness

In Sakyong Mipham, Tibetan Buddhist monk identifies in his book ‘Turning the mind into an ally’ (2003) there that there are four cures in ancient texts against laziness.  These four cures with explanation from Wikipedia kausidya article are :

  • Suppleness: involves being curious, having a sense of appreciation and imaginatio
  • Trust: develops from experiencing the benefits of meditation practice
  • Aspiration: is trust with a sense of determination
  • Effort: an engaged mind that moves toward the act of meditation.

Furthermore Buddhist wisdom suggests the recollection of death, to cause sense of urgency to act:

Today the effort should be made,

Who knows if tomorrow Death will come? — MN 131.


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