Use emotional energy to advance


Human experience is largely determined by emotions, moods and temperament. Most of the time we spend awake, we are busy feeling something. We are quite conscious of our feelings, they are only sometimes forgotten for a while, until they remind us again about all kinds of important and unimportant things.

Down side of this emotional rollercoaster is that, even though we might feel the want to do something positive, that positive feelings gets pushed away.

Only with practice and mental training; we’ll become skillful enough in the arts of emotional judo to defeat all that we label as negative and experience mostly neutral and positive emotions. I also wrote about this yesterday in everything starts with joy. 

One thing I did not point out there thought, that emotions, even though in the daily experience some might be labelled as “negative” that emotional energy is really potent and that could be used for positive things too!

There are things that take away our energy and there are things that grant us energy. Any particular emotions, feeling and mood holds the potential for both.

It’s our conscious task is to observe and if things don’t go so well, to intervene and make it more positive experience.

For examples, when feeling frustrated you might make excuse to give up – this takes away our power. Instead of focusing the frustration into a positive action of changing the situation in the long term, for example creative effort would be more wise solution. Even accepting the frustration as a part of life would be better than to tell so negative stories to others.

Anger is classic example, emotion that has a lot of energy. Anger can be easily channeled to action and why not positive action? Even for least turning the destructive anger towards something negative in our own lives that needs destroying rather than harming others, then that energy is used very well by skillful redirection.

All kinds of emotions can be used better, by having positive end goal in mind. Channeling the sadness, fear or shame to a creative work is a great idea. That’s what I am doing right now.

It’s not like we have to feel great all the time although that would be the ideal, we can use other emotions too in a very positive manner to advance humanity.

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