Traveling to the land of abundance, internal compass re-calibration tip



To make an actual compass we need a pin, cork and a cup of water. Then we need to magnetize the pin, pluck it through the cork and see what the magic happens. Eventually though the power of the magnet will vain, it has to be re-applied.

In a same way our internal sense of direction can vain or be completely lost. We may remember where we are headed, but forgot why. Alternatively we’ve already changed on the journey and thus we also need to reconsider where we are going.

World changes, society changes and so do we change (whatever we recognize that or not). Therefore we need to also have time for introspection and listening ourselves, to actually notice this. Often times the feelings and sounds inside us are screaming, yet it’s not enough for us to hear them.

This reason alone it’s sometimes good to spend time alone by ourselves. Simplest possible way is long walks, beneficial in myriad ways. Mahatma Gandhi was famous for walking daily up to 10 km and Charles Darwin also took long walks regularly.

Personally I’ve had this habit for long time, until this spring it has waned a bit. However, since now it’s summer and I was traveling solo through Budapest, Vienna and Prague, I rediscovered the benefits of this habit. Thus during the trip I did not only discover outer, but also inner worlds.

During the trip I begun to think what I enjoy in life and as this thought process had started, I began to notice that my tastes have changed. Present day me seeks, different things than what I did a year or two ago. It’s certain that my internal compass needs recalibration.

If it’s just why we are traveling towards something that has been forgotten, we can remind ourselves of the outcome and small steps to build a huge castle. Or we can create a nicer story for ourselves about what a fine work we are doing towards it.

However, if it’s the case that we’ve changed meaning what we value has changed. Then probably what we once saw valuable is not so valuable anymore. In my case this is the case, things like brand and work now have different value.

There are myriad of several things I want to experience such as abundance, exploration, fulfillment and joy of creation. Recognizing the experiences is the first step. Second is making that as a vision that vibrates through each of our days and sticking with that.

If you want to learn more about creating abundance in your life, I would recommend checking out the videos by Steve Pavlina on “how to create abundance in life.”

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