Journaling, the tool for creating fulfilling life


Journaling has been the feedback loop in my life, which has allowed me to transform myself. Transformations take time, and so does journaling. As I may be writing thoughts down today, it might take years to resurface the thought and fully start working with it. This happens by getting back to the things I’ve written down later, when I am not in that emotional state anymore and then reflecting and thinking how I should do.

Keeping a journal and reflecting to the text resembles very closely to the meditation or psychotherapy where aim is to observe emotions, without attaching to them. This kind of practice helps us to start mastering ourselves, in example by learning more mature ways to deal with emotions and channel energy into action.

In this distraction and action filled world, we rarely give ourselves this time, although we should. We should appreciate our old selves more as well. We are wise in our inexperience as well.

“Who you think you are is like a grain of sand on the beach of who you really are.” – Ram Dass

It applies to the past and present. Therefore I would recommend journaling – reflecting process to create a feedback loop which allows us to have dialogue with ourselves. In simpler terms, write and reflect regularly.

In the action and attention filled world, reflecting upon past is often frowned upon. Yet we are wise in our own inexperience as well. I do think it’s beneficial every once in a while to reflect the life through journaling, what we’ve been doing and what do we still want to do in life.

When we know ourselves, we can start to flourish and live more fulfilling life.

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