Increasing the creative and productive space in our lives


School of life video about monasticism had an interesting point about how many people in this age  organize around nuclear families in monogamist relationships. From creative and productive point of view this can present challenges if we try to do everything with the household power.

Originally the philosophers of ancient Greece organized themselves around communes to achieve better focus for the work. Such organizations exist still today like the monasteries and some academic institutions.

Little things in everyday life take a lots of time, things like cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry, commute. In the end we end up working just to pay for the rent, even though work itself might not be so fulfilling.

In monastic setting such as a Buddhist monastery, your days are pretty much scheduled, you don’t have to think much what to eat or when because there are laid ground rules there. This leaves a lots of time for productive work.

Many productive people of our age too have applied these lessons from monastic settings to their lives. If we look at the wardrobes of Mark Zuckerberg or Barack Obama, they do not put much effort to thinking what to wear. Steve Jobs outfit became his thing.

In the same way, if we want to have more productive time and creative energy, we should structure our daily lives better with the lessons from monastic settings. We can easily outsource the cooking to restaurants, cleaning to cleaners and simplify our wardrobe for each week.

In a regular working household there is threshold where outsourcing is financially viable. I.e. probably not all cleaning is smart to do, but it could be great help maybe twice a month. What isn’t viable for outsourcing right now should be accepted and create a flow of things, so that it’s as automatic as possible.

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