How to read more?



So are you in the club of people who would like to read more, but just can’t find somehow the focus,  discipline, time or whatever?

Earlier in why we need read more we’ve some of the reasons to read more. Reading is essentially good use of the skill, otherwise it would be same as if you were illiterate. Also if view the this thing from writer perspective: summarizing everything you know for the reader takes a lots of effort. Published works go through so many ‘filters’ that the content is pretty good.

Even so there is so much to read, so we need yet another filter. We need the filter for us, what we need right now. And I think that is the key for the people who are not able to finish a book, especially in the case of nonfiction or why not fiction as well. I am big believer that there is always a book for each situation in life. A lots of people have lived before us, therefore there are no problems in life that hasn’t been already faced by someone else. So why not to learn from that?

There are time and place for the right book so it’s good idea to look around and know what’s out there. Once the time is right and you want to read, do it 😉

This is essentially how I’ve read past ten months over twenty books, which is many times more than past years.

Important places to look for interesting books is of course interesting people, almost everyone has a recommendation. Usually I don’t read those recommendations right away because like I said, when the time is right I will.


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