Harnessing the power of the present



Everything we need is in the moment, yet we fail to see the beauty in those moments. Our inner world is different from the real world and this gap we experience as a suffering.

It’s very difficult to start observing the real world through our so biased observation hardware, aka human body and mind. However that’s what we need to train ourselves to do.

Present moment is truly the only one we have, we’ve to use the energy to make the most out of the present not to worry or regret. Learning to channel energy this way is challenging, but a mere perspective thing.

If we truly are unsatisfied with the present there are usually easy ways to make adjustments so that you can enjoy and be able create more.

We’ve two modes in us, go and stop. If we are executing too hard on life trying to achieve too much how would you feel about taking a different approach for a while until you find more balanced approach? We need to build the processes so that we’ve time for both.

When we learn to do this we are able to rest and take action at the same time, in a flow, waterlike manner.

When we find something sweet, we want more of it, but does more of it give you more pleasure?

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