First half takeaways from the King, Warrior, Magician, Lover

As I am traveling now in central Europe, first in Budapest, now in Vienna, I’ve been thinking about what is it that makes us achieve our full potential. These thoughts returned me to the Jungian ideas of the collective unconscious and furthermore in to the Moore’s thoughts about archetypes.

Therefore on the trip from Budapest to here I decided to dive into this wonderful book King, Warrior, Magician, Lover. I got about halfway through so far; however for me the beginning was very convincing. Since the book idea about male archetypes, that we all have a unique mix of archetypes from which we operate from and these archetypes are found from the mountains of data and observations.

Makes me wonder how this all came to be so.

Book has a point when it comes to growing up to the full maturity and attuning to the energy in constructive way. Most modern societies lack the necessary rituals for growing up as a man, instead societies have pseudo initiations which are lacking the necessary element of death.

Death of a boy is necessary for man to rise. We must be willing to destroy old to build a new.

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