Out of ideas and don’t know what to do?



Coming up with novel ideas does require only something called human brain which most of us who are reading this have,

Coming up with novel ideas does require as a minimum sort of brain, preferably mammalian primate brain, anything from homo genus will suffice. If you’ve something more advanced than that it’s perfect.

For a basic homo sapien brain and mind running out of ideas for the task at hand happens all the time, because our brains are not really linear working machines. Our thoughts processes are probably organized, yet they seem chaotic for the conscious which does not have that much power to understand how these processes work.

In any case there is a simple rules for creating more. Since we cannot consciously think only about specific thing and dedicate our mind powers to that, instead what we need to go with our seemingly chaotic thinking processes and take notes everytime something pops ups.

Therefore we do not have only one creative project in life, we have a dozen at the same time going on. That’s why taking notes, recording or whatever form of documenting works for you is crucial and a priority.

If you worship this habit for a lifetime, you will have more ideas than you can possibly take to the end.

So you are not satisfied with all of these ideas, want to create more quality? Quality comes through quality. Quantity, direction and quality works in creative works as well as Adam Grant also points out in the Originals.

So how does this help you right now to come up with ideas? If you do not have anything start writing something, anything! Write the list until you’ve let’s say 25 or 50 ideas. Force yourself to come up with something and do it.

It is through action we can make the quantity of ideas which eventually leads to the quality.

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