From personal to collective legacy

superman-1367737_1920What is left of us after death? From what I gather from my today’s museum visit if we are lucky our skull and a few other bones.

It is probably due to this exact thing that we as a humans want to leave something more lasting behind us, a legacy or even just a small mark to the world that say ‘I were here’.

As more and more people kept writing ‘I were here’ it wasn’t enough anymore to get the attention and we had to start competing for each other’s attention with more creative products like arts, science and spirituality.

We want attention and acceptance of our contemporaries so bad and at least as badly we want also those who come after us to remember us. So now we are competing from attention with all the gadgets of future just to get known.

Human mind is limited for our social needs of attention. Our memory does not serve us great capacity to remember names or people from the past, even relatively close people like our great grandparents. We barely have ever heard their names even. Another thing is the so called Dunbar’s numbers limit which limits our capacity to work with other people.

Thankfully internet is doing great job though in the memory department. It serves our needs for preserving our digital part of self at least very well. Soon we will have vast amounts of data in our hands of the people of the past, not only data from other people, but data also from the people themselves.

Digital services also need to think how they are gonna respond to this need for the legacy. At least Facebook has the ‘In memory of’ the person feature which I too have regrettably come familiar with as my cousin passed away two years ago.

Despite death being grim, I think we’ve also better chance than ever to not only build our own legacy, but the legacy of mankind online. We can be part of the bigger story through our online contribution and it will be easily accessible for generations to come. Is there anything more important and inspiring than to link our personal need for legacy for the great story of the humankind?

Try creating something and share it with ever growing audience of people.

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