Failures are valuable experiences



As I’ve matured I’ve learned to appreciate small failures and risks that come to be true. Small failures still hurt, humiliate and cost both emotionally and financially. However they are not the end of the world, we live to see another day.

And feeling after that is great. At least I learned valuable lesson and I am certainly going to work hard to avoid the similar mistake next time.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

In startup scenes there are these slogans like fail fast that certainly can be applied to personal life as well.

Failing in personal life is more personal so it would be good idea to consider the size of the risks consciously for a minute. What kind of risks are worth it?

Risks can be a thrill of adventure too, and even if they realize they just might be the adventure you’ve been longing for. Our lives need a little of excitement, let’s just keep the risks at manageable level that will pinch but won’t hurt more than that

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