Do you want to do more than you do now?

For most people, what limits us from doing more is the energy, at least in our minds. Is it really energy that we are lacking or is it just a flaw in our thinking?

Work, family, friends and everything else does take a lots of energy. However, it’s not only how we use this energy, it’s also how we are aligned with this everything. In other words how well everything that we are, is supporting that what we want do.

Most of us are misaligned in terms of using our energy. If we were aligned, we wouldn’t waste any energy. This is called effortless action or Wu Wei, originally a Taoist concept. Concept closely related to this that that I often use is natural tendencies. As we get to know ourselves and our natural tendencies we can further develop these intro strengths.

Through mindfulness and especially meditation we can start to weed out natural tendencies that are helpful and mend those that are harmful. Natural tendencies do not need to be behaviors, they can be also thinking patterns, feelings etc. Thinking like worrying often takes up a lot of energy too, so therefore it is important to extend the mindfulness to everything.

Eventually we’ll be able to reach a point where we are in harmony with our environment; everything we do does not feel tiring anymore, because we’ve learned to rest in the action.

Bruce Lee said well “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”

I wish for you for every day and strength to deal with these challenges. With this we all can have more choices and freedom to decide for a better future.


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