Everything goes well until everything goes hell – how to get back on the road?


When everything is good, it’s easy to do and be happy. Real measure is when we have to work under pressure to achieve results, this is when culture reveals itself.

Culture is what we do under pressure.

When something shocking happens, it’s very easy to say anything, everything and be right without proper discussion.

There abundance of shocking and sad news; yesterday we were shocked again by the terrorist attacks in Nizza, because we’ve become numb to the numbers and news we hear from middle-east.

Our brains require ever more shock value, in both good and bad to feel anything. This just reminds me too to practice more restraint in everything to avoid becoming totally numb with the news.

Purpose of such a strike is to strike fear, no terror. Needless to say fear based decision making is not so smart, it’s not good for anyone. Fear lives deepest core of our brain structure: the amygdala. Have you heard of flight or fight? Yeah! Fear is one more layer below that, which can cause one more thing to happen, the last survival mechanism: freeze. Literally freezing is the evolutionary survival mechanism that has brought us here.

Although in the wilderness in is useful, I don’t think fear will be the force to unleash the potential of the human culture.

Freezing can happen in just your brain too: it shrinks our cognitive capacity.

So we get shocked by a terrorist attack, then we start to make decisions. Primarily about our own survival and safety. Not good of the long term. We start to look for outside threats, this causes division among ourselves. We are not treating the root problem, we are too busy fearing.

Now what we should do to get back on the road?

I didn’t write this to provide answers, more just to provoke some discussion.

I am really sad about the internal division that the Daeshi is managing cause with these attacks. What I am sure of is that should resist the temptation to scratch the itch.

If you are interested further reading about fear and emotions, I really recommend you to read “Why we fear” by Henkka Hyppönen. He was also interviewed about this book in the Boss level podcast by Sami Honkonen.

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