Introversion in the age of extraversion


In this age of extroversion, it’s not always easy to be introvert. Despite the fact that extroverted ideal social and outgoing seems to be pop in both personal and professional worlds, I still see much hope for the introverts as well. This is particularly well highlighted in the Susan Cain’s book Quiet, where she brings out several examples how indeed introverts have always been part of the society just in the quiet ways.

Since human beings are hyper social herd animals, we are craving for social life, some degree of social life. Once the basic level of safety in the social hierarchy has been established our personal tendencies kick in.

For me in example, over most people, I prefer to be alone. Being alone is a choice for me most of the time due to many factors. In a sense I am jealous a bit of more extroverted people who actually have that kind of energy to go around and meet so many people, I would feel exhausted. I still occasionally meet new people, but only with a select I feel like I have the energy to contribute to get to know on a deeper level.

Some connections feel so superficial that I would rather read a book. Yet accepting these feelings has been a challenge. During the years I’ve read a lots regarding to the topic of introversion and one of my favorite advises comes from the book “Networking for people who hate networking”, and it is quite simply: reserving time for yourself from your own calendar.

Essentially the justification to have time for ourselves is important, we are more important than the superficial connections we would miss out if that is the way we feel.

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