Waterlike way from resistance to action

Life is a complex system, and our mind is trying to manage that. As long as there if conflicting interests there is resistance. Contradictions in life are the cause of resistance.

What causes these contradictions in our minds? Essentially our minds are trying to sum everything we want and need from the life and trying stay sane.

Our minds have to work really hard sometimes with little information to understand a lot and in the other hand there maybe even a information overload. From all this we should be able to make the best decisions of our lives? Right.

All the time especially subconscious mind is processing information for us, from which a tiny portion ever actually pops into our conscious minds (mostly because our conscious minds are so tiny anyway and take a lots of energy to run).

Subconscious has more effective way to convey the messages, it is through feelings. Basic feelings like hunger, anger or fear. Or more sophisticated combinations like the resistance that hinders our efforts to start or keep doing something beneficial.

Simple cure for resistance is the “just do it” -phrase.

However, what when we feel the resistance despite weeks of keeping on with it? 

As far as I’ve experienced resistance will always be there. Sometimes it’s almost hidden, sometimes it’s stronger.

What I’ve noticed though that if the contradictions are stronger so is the resistance.

On the other if we manage to justify ourselves with the urgency and/or purpose of particular action we feel less resistance.

This brings me to notice interesting connection between justification, identity and action. When we feel we are justified to the action and that this is us, we’ll have no problem executing the action.

I believe this is when we are at the most powerful, when we feel that we are on a justified mission. This is the waterlike mind that flows, instead of forces.

To achieve this kind of state, we need to also listen to ourselves. Therefore, I am saying sometimes forcing action can be harmful. Not all action is golden, not all action is helpful.

Let’s walk the middle way in a waterlike way.

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