Getting past the inner resistance


Most of the time it is ourselves, that prevent ourselves from doing whatever we want to do, why?

There is something very curious about human motivation to take action. We are more knowledgeable, complex creatures than we like to admit. Even the reasons behind our feelings are way more complicated than they may seem at a quick glance.

On the other hand those quick snap judgments that seem to have so much intelligence behind them, are too quick and rarely we are able to rationally explain, which again reduces their value.

When it comes to doing something, we may feel resistance. I do almost every time I am supposed to write. I do almost always when starting to exercise. Almost anything that’s out of the right now focus, I feel resistance to.

I’ve also noticed that when the structure of the day is more like a flow, I rarely do feel any. Therefore most of my efforts are structured within the day and a week. Exercise  to minimum standard comes naturally within when there is a deadline, so is reading fun pastime while commuting.

Now during summertime I’ve found the free time context challenging, although I’ve activities planned and plenty of stuff to do there seems to be just too much for the mind to process. Resistance to some activities is unbearably high.

Will powering through is always an option, although I am pretty sure that increasing fun and enjoyment would work way better.

What do you think, do you have any creative strategies to cope with the resistance?

In the past I’ve tried all kinds of thing including rubber band around my arm which I would shoot myself. Not to a particularly measured success. I bet there must be much more gentler ways to go about it as well, so please share on the comments below.

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