Battling the blame with the power of humour


What’s the function of blame? It’s just craving for safety on a personal level. I just realize this. Blame is quick, easy and automatic, yet it’s not productive.

Acceptance and forgiveness are more forward going.

I just realize how powerful just a small perspective can be while playing public game of DOTA and there as usual quite easily teammates start to blame each other quite quickly. This time I told my team what I told just to you: blaming is quite counterproductive.

Interestingly so small shift in thinking put positive spin and tone to the discussion. Instead of blaming how bad players can be with X amount of experience it provided the arena for people to be self-ironic that’s certainly trait of those who have strong self-esteem.

For negative person to ruin the fun for many, can be quite effortless. On the other hand staying positive and doing the right thing require more effort.

How to triumph over ignorance and all our own negative habits as well? We can in our inner world and then convey the message of most important things with passion and vigor. We only have the energy to triumph over the most important battles.

Humour is the kind of transformative power that turns negative into positive. It’s one of those skills that give us power, energy and thus helps us keep going while being at it.

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