Life is a great sandbox of habit

Life is a perfect place to observe what happens with people who repeat the same actions over and over again. Go a ahead take a person and give them let’s say few years to keep repeating the same pattern and see how it unfolds, magnificent isn’t it?

Funny thing is that we are often quite blind to our own habits and patterns of thought. And worst of all, it takes effort to view ourselves from the observer point of view. It’s not impossible, we can achieve this by various means like video surveillance or by training minds through meditation to at least grasp glimpses of what we are repeating.

To be good we often think we need to change something, change can be both beneficial or destructive. We’ve to be quite aware of what works and what is best left out the way they are. It’s no coincidence the earth is round or that the zen buddhism is represented by a circle, too much of something leads to the other, I think I am starting to understand this now.

No matter, in time life unveils all. Good habits shall bloom eventually if taken care of, while negative ones become the thorny forests that are not a lost cause, but a just bit pain in the arse to go through each morning. Time will reveal.

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